FOSS Swim School Opens First North Dakota Location

Offering swimming lessons to nearly all ages

FARGO, N.D. — A tragedy years ago inspired Susan Foss and her husband Jon’s life’s work.

“His mother’s brother drowned in North Dakota in a lake when he was 8. And so, Jon’s mom had a personal commitment through her life that her children would learn to swim not just well, but extra confidently,” Foss said.

They’ve been passing that confidence on to other swimmers since 1933, when they opened up their first swim school in Minnesota.

“There’s so much in life to enjoy in water, and being a confident, safe swimmer makes mom a lot more confident, it makes dad a lot more confident and it makes the child a lot more confident,” said Foss.

After nearly a year of planning and construction, the first North Dakota FOSS Swim School is now open in Fargo.

It took over the location of the former Best Buy.

The school teaches babies as young as 6 months to those who are in their 80’s how to become healthy and strong swimmers.

“My four–year–old was able to turn around quickly, and even got, after two tries, he was able to get out of the pool all by himself with his arms,” said Keri Rogne of Fargo.

She says more than just being a fun pastime, swimming is a necessary life skill.

“All sports are great, and you can learn teamwork in all sports, but swimming is something you can do forever and I think it’s a safety thing everybody should know how to do,” she said.

Foss says even after 25 years of lessons, the joy they bring to kids…

“Whenever we see children walking through the door, and their eyes just get big when they see the swimming pool.”

… and the relationships they build in the community is what makes it all worthwhile.

“These are families that we get to know. We get to know all of their children. They come to us for many years, and they graduate with a healthy, confident and safer swimmer.”

Their hope is to create swimmers who may someday save their own lives or help save someone else’s.

Lessons begin Tuesday.

You can find enrollment information by clicking this link: FOSS Swim School Fargo.

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