NDSU Football to Wear Green-on-Green to Honor Defense Saturday Against Missouri State

First time Bison will wear the combo

FARGO, N.D. — For North Dakota State’s annual Code Green Game this Saturday against Missouri State, the Bison will sport a new jersey combination. The team’s captains decided to go with their normal green home jerseys and pair them with the away green pants for a green on green look to honor the defense.

The new combination is the first since last season when the Bison wore their white away jerseys with yellow pants against South Dakota.

The players are excited to show off the new look to fans.

“Its definitely exciting to be able to wear it. Were honoring all the players of the past and even the players who are here now,” senior cornerback Marquise Bridges said. “Its a new uniform combination to help out the swag a little bit on the field.”

“As players we talk about it, hey this would look cool, this would look cool because we talked about all yellow too and we said I don’t know if that would look good or not,” junior offensive lineman Dillion Radunz said. “We did the photo shoot in the summer for Bison Illustrated and asked what uniform they wanted me to wear and they said you can wear anything you want and I put on all green and said this looks pretty cool because the new uniforms the green matches and the old one didn’t.”

“Its a good look. Its a new look,” junior running back Adam Cofield said. “Its definitely going to be a game changer when we go out there on the field Saturday.”

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