Microsoft partners with Emerging Prairie on Grand Farm

They hope to be in production by 2025.

FARGO, N.D.- Microsoft President Brad Smith announced that the company is investing 1.5 million dollars to help bring “Grand Farm” to life.

“It is a venture that is bringing people from across this community who will connect with the world,” says The President of Microsoft, Brad Smith

Grand farm is an idea that is being led by Emerging Prairie to create a fully autonomous farm.

“We are at the cusp of engagement of electronics and mechanics to an extent where this type of machines will become part of our everyday life, us and our children for sure, will live and work in an environment in our schools, in our hospitals, in our grocery stores, where machines are partners in those activities. Agriculture will be the same,” says Barry Batcheller, the Senior Advisor to Grand Farm.

They see potential in North Dakota becoming the leading technology provider for farmers.

The project is set to begin construction in 2020.

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