Madison Community Garden Getting Ready for Annual Ice Rink

In the past, the Fargo Park District has opened up rinks in the beginning of November

FARGO, N.D. — As people are battling flooding across the state, the Madison Community Garden is no different.

“Because we’ve had so much flooding, some of that garden we couldn’t get to and the grass grew really tall. We’re going to finish harvesting the potatoes and trimming the grass today. Then we’ll have it set and the park district will take over,” said Jen Walla, Madison Community Garden organizer.

Walla says even the park district is having trouble getting their machinery into the community garden because the ground is so saturated.

The district always turns the land into an ice rink, but this was the first summer the Prairie Roots Food Co–op brought the garden here.

“This neighborhood, which also sort of includes Jefferson is considered a food desert because there is a long way to get to any store that has food, especially besides convenience stores,” Walla said.

Walls says it’s wonderful to see the field used year–round.

“Working with the garden to foster a strong sense of community and growing food together and having another gathering spot where people can skate and have a fun time together and have a visit in the warming house afterwards is a great thing over the winter,” Walla said.

The park district will rake the garden to smooth everything out before flooding it to create the rink when the ground is frozen. In the meantime, volunteers will keep working up a sweat.

“We’ve had gardeners comment that they not only get free food, they get a free workout and don’t have to go to the gym for a couple days,” Walla said.

Walla says the park district does expect to open the rink on time this year.

The park district has been known to open rinks in the beginning of November.

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