Residents at Eventide in West Fargo Thank First Responders

The event is part of "Make A Difference Day."

FARGO, N.D.- Once a year, Eventide takes a day trip to the West Fargo Fire Department, Police Department and F–M Ambulance.

Their first stop was the Fire Department.

Residents thanked first responders for their hard work in the community by bringing donuts.

“We see them a lot, it could be good or bad, but they do come to our place a lot and it’s our way of saying thank you for taking such good care of us,” says Becky Butenhoff, Director of Life Enrichment at Eventide.

It was a good escape from their normal day–to–day as the seniors took a tour of the fire department.

“Just to get the fresh air, go meet people, see different things. You know, it’s good for everyone,” she says.

Mary Breker couldn’t help but think of her son during her trip to the fire station.

He is a firefighter and for her being able to see what he does was understanding how vital they are for the community.

“Of course is nothing in size compared to what this is, but yeah I wanted to see more of what he goes on with,” she says.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for anybody to be able to see the fire trucks and what they do and how they work.”

“Making a good time for them today. Do this. I’m sure they enjoyed eating the donuts, ” Mary adds.

Eventide made their way to the police station before heading to lunch and continuing their day trip to F–M Ambulance.

In June 2019, the Senate passed National First Responders Day to be celebrated on October 28th.

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