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Local First Responders Lean on Each Other to Help F-M Community

F-M Ambulance does the ground work and communicates with Fargo Sanford Airmed team members

FARGO, N.D.– National EMS Week is wrapping up and F-M Ambulance and Fargo Sanford Airmed are honoring the hard work their first responders put in all year long. A senior director with F-M Ambulance says some days crews respond to more than 100 calls. F-M Ambulance does the ground work and communicates with Airmed team members to airlift patients to…

35-Year-Old Cardiac Arrest Survivor Shares Story at “Her Story at 11:11”

All of the attendance fees went directly to the American Heart Association

FARGO–“Her Story at 11:11” gives one woman a month the chance to tell her own unique story. “When I think about getting out and talking about this, CPR, it saved my life,” Cardiac arrest survivor Kadie Stoltz said. Kadie Stoltz’s story is a heroic one. She’s a mother, wife, and now a survivor. “The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was home…

Local Man Honored with F-M Ambulance Citizens Lifesaving Award

Joe Kraft Earned the Honor after helping to save his wife's life

FARGO, N.D. — The morning of February 7th, 2019 started just like any other for Joe and Renae Kraft. That is, until the unexpected occurred. “We got up in the morning. She was feeding the little dog and I was feeding the big dog and she just fell over backwards,” Joe Kraft said. Renae had a heart attack. It was…

Man Hospitalized After West Fargo Apartment Fire

First responders rescued a 40-year-old man from his first-floor apartment at 1031 1st Street East

WEST FARGO, N.D. – Fire and police crews are investigating an early morning apartment fire in West Fargo. Firefighters were paged at 5:30 Thursday morning for a structure fire at 1031 1st Street East in West Fargo. Police made it to the scene first and rescued a 40–year–old man a few feet from the door of his first–floor apartment. Nearly 15…

F-M Ambulance to Host 5th Annual Save a Life Saturday at West Acres

First responders will be teaching songs to sing while performing CPR like "Staying Alive" and "Baby Shark"

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo-Moorhead first responders are gearing up for another year of teaching people how to save lives with the 5th annual Save a Life Saturday. F-M Ambulance is hosting the event to offer a refresher on CPR for free near Macy’s at the West Acres Mall. First responders will be teaching songs to sing while performing CPR like…

Emergency Responders Approach Subzero Temperatures Differently

Some groups go out on scene, while others handle situations remotely

FARGO, N.D. — Whenever they go out on a call, paramedics with F–M Ambulance make sure that their paramedics and those they are helping are covered up from the cold. However, the extra time devoted to safety, along with the colder temperatures, are slowing down some response times. “Since it is so cold, it takes a bit longer to do calls…

Paramedics Report More Cases of Frostbite, Muscle Trauma after Blizzard

Call 9-1-1 if you start to experience chest pain, numbness while shoveling

FARGO, N.D. — Waking up to around 8.5 inches of snow on the ground, Mackenzie Neuhalfen and her brother Zachary got right to work. “It’s hard only because it’s so heavy and it’s also kind of cold so I mean there’s nothing wrong with shoveling, it was just a lot of snow at one time,” said Neuhalfen. Some in the metro…

Emergency Responders Prepare Block 9 Builders With Mock Safety Drill

It's located in the east 200 block of Broadway

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police, Fargo Fire and F-M Ambulance help construction workers put on a mock safety drill at the Block 9 site. McGough Construction, the contractor behind the project, puts on a safety drill every time conditions at a site change. During the simulation, one of the foremen pretended to be unconscious but still breathing in the deep hole….

F-M Ambulance Expands Its Reach, Establishes New Post in Glyndon

The new post will help lessen response times in the outer parts of Clay County

GLYNDON, Minn. — For many years, F–M Ambulance has had a partnership with several smaller fire departments in Clay County, including the all–volunteer force in Glyndon. “We usually get there ahead of F–M Ambulance and provide initial care and medical treatment. At that point, we just wait for F–M to get there and once they arrive, they actually do the transport…