Nichole’s Halloween Baking Series: Death by Chocolate Mousse

If you've got to go, go with a smile.

The name alone sounds forbidding.

Chocolate mousse is pretty widely considered one of the most alluringly sinful desserts around, but while a lot of us enjoy eating it, many of us have never tried it before.

And when you consider the spooky factor of the cemetery, plus construction of a hand-lettered sugar cookie coffin and those delicate little fondant decorations — well, it’s terrifying just thinking about making this treat.

Fortunately, Nichole Hensen of Fargo-based Nichole’s Fine Pastry has some tricks up her pastry chef’s sleeve.

And she’s sharing them with us today, including the time-saving shortcuts you can take to put together these beautiful Halloween treats in time to celebrate Thursday.

Check out the video for her step by step instructions with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, and if you decide you’d rather leave the grave-filling to the experts, these treats and more wonderful seasonal Halloween treats are available at Nichole’s in downtown Fargo.

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