North Dakota’s Congressional Delegation Reacts To Impeachment Hearing

Representative Kelly Armstrong calls it "political theater" and says we haven't heard anything new

WASHINGTON, D.C. — North Dakota’s Republican congressional delegation is weighing in on the first day of hearings.

Representative Kelly Armstrong calls it “political theater” and says we haven’t heard anything new.

Sen. John Hoeven says the impeachment process has not followed precedent and has not provided President Trump with important due process rights.

Pointless. That’s how Sen. Kevin Cramer feels about the hearings.

He says the testimony will not move the needle.

“Ukrainian President Zelensky didn’t feel pressured, didn’t feel a quid pro quo, got the funding that we were supposedly holding up and didn’t do the investigation that was supposedly the condition of getting the funding,” said Cramer.

“So when there’s no crime and there’s no pressure felt by the person that’s supposed to have been pressured, I don’t know what all the other witnesses can bring to the table that would convince anybody that there ought to be an impeachment.”

Cramer says the process diverges from his legislative goals.

“It’s not inconceivable to me that we could hear the evidence presented by each side and go right to a vote and that would be just fine with me, because I’d rather get it done, get back to work, start voting on the priorities of this country.”Cramer says they should be focusing on important issues like passing the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada and funding our nation’s military.

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