Benefit Is Held For Woman Who Sustained Serious Injuries From Car Crash

 The F–M community came out to support the family

FARGO, N.D. Back in July, Katrina Cichon suffered significant injuries when her vehicle skewered and caused it to roll.

“I’m good. Taking it day by day. I’m getting better, I’m walking now without much assistance,” says Katrina.

Her daughter and dog were in the car with her at the time of the accident.

Her daughter only sustained a couple of bruises while the family dog did not survive.

“She’s good. She’s here today and she got some bumps and bruises, but she left the hospital the next day,” she says.Fund

Dianna, Katrina’s mom says no parent should ever have to receive a phone call like the one she got.

“I was in shock. You just can’t imagine the thoughts that go through your head when it’s your daughter in that situation. It’s terrifying,” says Dianna.

Katrina’s family and friends decided to come to the rescue and host a benefit.

“So, we’re throwing this fundraiser to try to help with some of the costs of all the medical expenses and then with the fact that she’s going to be out of work for so long because of all the injuries. There’s going to be you know, with bills and things for that as well,” she says.

The benefit offered food, a bake sale and a raffle.

“We’re doing a pulled pork and sloppy joe feed. It’s a free will donation for the food. We have storm door, raffle and an astro star. We have four, five tons of tables of silent auction items and we have lots of bake sales for thanksgiving dinner, so goodies, cakes, breads, cookies, you name it it’s back there,” she says.

The family says the support from the F–M community has been overwhelming in the best way.

“The support from everyone has been just overwhelming. I mean people in the community are awesome. We’ve had complete strangers, get a hold of us and tells us that they’re praying for us and that they’re thinking of us and that they’re coming to the event. It’s been very overwhelming,” she adds.

The event will go on until midnight.

Click this link to donate.

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