Tips To Prepare For Thanksgiving Driving

Experts gives us their tips on how to be prepared on the road.

FARGO, N.D.- Whether its icy roads or impaired drivers, experts are saying to plan ahead for whatever you may encounter along the road.

They say in order to do so, you can’t be driving distracted, make sure you’re buckled up and have an emergency car kit in the back in case something does happen and you’re prepared.

“Warm weather clothing for everyone in that vehicle or a large blanket. Make sure if you’re traveling to a holiday gathering and you have dress shoes on, that you have a pair of boots for each person in the vehicle to keep your feet warm as well as gloves. A heat source of some sort is also recommended,” says Gene LaDoucer, the AAA Spokesman.

Experts also recommend that you have a fully charged cell phone and a full tank of gas before heading out.

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