Volunteers Deliver And Serve Meals For Thanksgiving

The event was expected to bring between 1,200 and 1,500 people

FARGO, N.D. — They gave back to the F–M community.

Thanksgiving is a day where people from different communities come together to reflect on their blessings and give back.

“I always tell God that I’m thankful for the things that I take for granted. Because we all have a lot to be grateful for no matter what our situation is and I have to remind myself of that,” says Judy, a Volunteer at Meals on Wheels.

Judy and Larry are volunteering for Meals On Wheels this year.

They say seeing the joy in the families’ faces when they receive the meal is what Thanksgiving is all about.

“We just delivered 6 meals. And it is…It’s a blessing you can see the joy in the people when they just get the visitor. You know, and then when you got the meal too. They feel really grateful,” she says

“I think sometimes they’re just happy to see someone at their door too that they can talk to for a little while and share a holiday with,” Larry adds.

They hope to make this event a yearly family tradition that continues into the next generations.

“Actually my son and two grandsons are out delivering too because we came with two vehicles. So, I’m hoping they carry out the tradition and I don’t want them to be materialistic people,” Judy says.

Blessed Sacrament Church has been hosting this event for the last 40 years.

Steve Perrault has been part of the event for the last 35.

“It’s a community event. It’s for people who need to go someplace for Thanksgiving. Not necessarily because they’re hungry, but just for the fellowship and the community. Thanksgiving is not a day you should be home alone,” he says.

For the community, this event is a great example that shows how the united the F–M area really is.

“This is the kind of things that happen in Fargo–Moorhead people get together and do stuff like this,” he adds.

The event was free for anyone in the community to attend and you had the option to take it to go.


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