People Digging Themselves Out Of Weekend Snow Storm

FARGO, N.D. — Jerel Wieser is pulling out his electric snow blower for the first time this winter season.

But this isn’t his first rodeo in North Dakota’s winter tundra.

“All my life….. 72 years,” Wieser said laughingly.

For Jerel who’s been living in this the same Fargo neighborhood since the 70’s says when that first blizzard hits you have to stick together.

“You got to watch out for your neighbor if you got a neighbor who can’t or shouldn’t be out shoveling well you should be out there helping them by all means,” Wieser said.

Wieser also has had plenty of years of experience helping others out in his community without asking for anything in return.

“I had a widow here I did her’s, I had a widow across the street I did her’s and I did the widow who lived here so I use to do four houses back then but now I pretty much do these two,” Wieser said.

Now neighbors are taking on the task of pitching in with help clear the neighborhood streets so guys like Jerol can take it easy.

“There’s a guy who comes down my sidewalk I don’t even know who he is he lives further down there it’s nice it’s always nice,” Wieser said.

But the hard work that goes into a North Dakota winter is always a constant process that some say never seems to have an end in sight.

“The worst is after your all done and your all relaxed and you’re settling in and having a beer then the snow blows come through so then you have to go back out and do it again,” Wieser said.

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