Fargo Public Works Crews Continue Clearing Roads

Drivers should still be extra cautious over the next few days

FARGO, N.D. — The team at Fargo Public Works says there’s only one way to describe the state of city roads.

“Icy. There’s some ice out there that we’re turning our — that’s our main focus today is dealing with some of the ice from the event this weekend, and we’re using some equipment to cut it off,” says Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson.

Not just any equipment.

After plowing snow for the past 48 hours, crews have now ditched the plow trucks for road graders and loaders in order to lay down sand and salt.

“The conditions were tough. I mean, 9, 10 inches, a lot of ice underneath made it very difficult for our equipment to move it. So, it was slower than maybe we’d like to see, but it was a drawn out process,” he says.

Anderson says his team of 52 operators has been working around the clock to try and de-slick Fargo streets.

“Areas that usually take four or five hours were taking six, seven, eight hours to do.”

He says crews did try to plow residential areas Saturday evening at around 7 o’clock, but with snow still falling, they were forced to turn back to emergency and secondary routes.

Sunday morning, he says, is when crews were able to begin clearing those residential neighborhoods.

Although abundant, Anderson says this snow is nothing new.

“We average around 50 inches of snow a season, so we’ll deal with it.”

For now, he stresses that just because one street is cleared, that doesn’t mean the next one will be.

Drivers should still be extra cautious and practice patience behind the wheel over the next few days.

The City funds a program helping elderly or disabled homeowners pay for snow removal on public walks.

Link to the program: Snow Removal Assistance.

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