Monday Match: Dawn & Chesha

Dawn & Chesha Moved From School-Based Match To A Community-Based Match


The holidays are the perfect time to give a child in our region the gift of a mentor.

It’s time for Monday Match, where we highlight the volunteers and kids who are matched together by Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Village Family Service Center. Let’s meet Dawn and Chesha.

* They have been matched for 2 years
* They were initially a school-based match but just transferred to the community-based program
* They like to play in the park, go to Thunder Road and Space Aliens, play board games, do runs together, and anything they get to be creative at

You can help defend the potential of a child in the Fargo-Moorhead community. There are now 93 Littles waiting for a Big like you. All it takes is four hours a month. To volunteer, call 701-451-4877 or visit

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