Proposed Fargo Ordinance Would Require Owners Move Parked Vehicles Off Streets During Major Storms

Owners That Don't Move Vehicles Could Be Fined

FARGO, N.D.– You might have to head out into the snow just to move your car soon.
The City of Fargo is drawing up an ordinance that would require vehicle owners to get their parked cars off the streets for big snow storms.
The proposal would require an emergency declaration by the mayor if four inches of snow or more are expected.
The declaration would require all vehicles off of streets to make it easier for plows to remove snow.
Violators would be fined under the ordinance.
Fargo Public Works Director Ben Dow tells City Commissioners he’s working on the ordinance with Assistant City Attorney Nancy Morris.
He says the proposed ordinance should be ready for the commission to review by next month.

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