LIVE: Celebrate The Repeal Of Prohibition With Proof Artisan Distillers

Cocktail Recipes on the 86th Anniversary Of The 21st Amendment


We are celebrating the 21st amendment to the constitution this morning, 86 years to the day after congress passed it.

The amendment ended prohibition, allowing alcohol to legally flow in America once again.
To celebrate, we got Fargo’s only artisan distillery live in studio with some libation recipes for the holidays.

Proof Artisan Distillers founder Joel Kath brought plenty of spirit and spirits to the show.

He showed off several cocktails just in time for the holiday season.

He made a Crooked Eggnog Martini live for us.

You can find recipes for the cocktails he showed off, and more, by clicking here.

Here is the recipe for the Crooked Eggnog Martini:

Crooked Eggnog Martini
1 ½ oz Crooked Furrow Harvest Blend
1 ½ oz 2DOCKS Cream Liqueur
2 oz light eggnog
Cinnamon stick.
Add ingredients to shaker of ice.
Strain into chilled glass or enjoy over ice.
Garnish with cinnamon stick.

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