Famous Photographer R. J. Kern Opens Exhibit At Plains Art Museum

R.J. Kern's work is called "The Unchosen."

FARGO, N.D. — A famous American photographer is showcasing one of his latest exhibits at the Plains Art Museum that has roots in the Midwest.

R. J. Kern’s work is called “The Unchosen.”

It’s about the honors and efforts of animals and their handlers who came in last place at 10 Minnesota county fairs.

Kern says the artwork showcases the determination of these various people with dignity and respect.

He also took the time to work alongside a class of kids who made the trip to come meet him and learn about art and photography.

“It’s really to put them in the best light possible and to showcase their hard work and their spirit of competition and at the end of the day I say out of all the things we can control is our attitude and just have the best attitude possible,” Kern said.

Kern will be running photo booth activities at the Kid Quest program at the museum family from one to four tomorrow.

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