People Go Out To Detroit Mountain For Winter Sports Season

Instructors say it's important if you're going out that you wear a helmet and stay safe

DETROIT LAKES, MINN. — People from across the valley are descending on the mountain as countless are just getting started for their winter fun.

Jon Rundle who’s been on the skis for about 30 years now and works as the Snow Sports Coordinator for Detroit Mountain says every year is a joy.

“Busy, busy, busy. It has been awesome here. Each week, we make more snow get to open up more runs it has been a very good year so far,” Rundle said.

Rundle, who also helps instruct kids, says it’s important if you’re going out that you wear a helmet and stay safe.

“We also have school groups come out here they are really fun watching them go up on the mountain. It is very encouraging to watch little kids come in and watch them enjoy this sport as much as I have,”Rundle said.

Running down the slopes is something that entire families are taking part in like Candi Smith, who brought along all 5 of her kids to get out and get active.

“Awesome! Snow has been really nice trying to hang out at the train park with the kids,” Smith said.

She’s getting her start again at the slopes for the start of the season, but this isn’t her first rodeo on the tundra.

“Ya but my husband taught me how to snowboard before we were married and ya we have been married for 22 years,” Smith said.

Although this isn’t Smith’s first time on the board, her kids are still pushing her and helping her get into the spirit of the season.

“Well you know it’s actually kind of funny on the way down here my 13 year old told me that mom you have been snowboarding for like 20 years so you actually been snowboarding longer then we have been alive so you should be able to do this stuff,” Smith said.

Smith, who bought a season pass for her whole family, says the feeling you get from snowboarding is a one-of-a-kind experience.

“It’s actually terrifying but once you get done, because, it makes you feel, like I said, young,” Smith laughingly said.

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