LIVE: Avoiding Scams This Holiday Season

Fargo Police Tell You What To Look For In Potential Scams


Fargo Police are warning us about a scam going around this holiday season.
The scam involves someone pretending to be a member of the police department demanding immediate payment for a fine.
If you don’t pay, the person says you might get arrested.
Fargo Police PIO Jessica Schindeldecker says real police will never demand payment over the phone.
She says the best bet in those situations is to avoid acting rashly.
Because if you do give your money to scammers, it’s next to impossible to get it back.

She adds, “Throughout all different scams we always see the one common element where they’re trying to cause or induce some sort of fear in that person to get them to do something immediately, just provide them a monetary payment, so that’s a really big red flag.”

Schindeldecker also recommends discussing possible scams with loved one, especially elderly family members who may not know how to avoid them.

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