Moorhead Public Service encourages people to use more renewable energy

The Bright Energy Choices Program gives homes and businesses the chance to purchase 100% renewable energy

MOORHEAD, Minn. — 63 percent of the energy provided by Moorhead Public Service already comes from renewable resources like wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants.

With the new Bright Energy Choices Program, the city is giving homes and business the chance to jump that number up to 100 percent.

“It gives them an opportunity to become 100 percent renewable and to have no carbon emissions in their energy portfolio,” Moorhead Public Service engineering manager Travis Schmidt said.

The program encourages people to buy renewable energy certificates to offset the remaining 37 percent nonrenewable portion of their energy usage.  Those credits are proof that electricity was created by renewable facilities.

“Missouri River Energy services on behalf of Moorhead Public Service will purchase those renewable energy credits from certified renewable energy sites,” Schmidt explains. “It will cost an extra $0.005 for the renewable portion to get the extra renewable portion to become one hundred percent renewable.”

An average homeowner uses 900 kilowatt-hours per month. If they were to participate in the Bright Energy Choices program, they would pay an additional $1.67 per month.

A seemingly small price to pay in order to do better for the environment.

“The biggest benefit is to make sure they are 100% green. That gives them the opportunity to say that ‘yup, I live in a town where I can have 100 percent renewable energy,” says Schmidt.

Moorhead residents can take part in the program starting January 1st, 2020.

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