People Shop At Dakota Boys And Girls Ranch Pop-up Thrift Shop

This Is The First Year They Have Tried The Pop-up

FARGO, N.D. — People are escaping the cold and warming up to helping people in need.

It’s all at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Pop Up Thrift Boutique.

For one day only the organization set up a thrift shop on Broadway selling items ranging from Christmas sweaters, winter gear and furniture.

The store helps raise money for the organization that helps support kids in need.

The staff says they’re excited to see so many people come out to support the ranch.

“When we first opened our doors we had a line out the door literally people are just really excited about the opportunity to come into a store and knowing its thrifting that’s kind of the cool thing to do nowadays but also it’s also for a good cause and I think that drives to us as well,”

Conlin says another great to help out is by donating and volunteering your time to the organization.

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