Veterans Honored At Wreaths Across America

This Is The Fifth Year They've Taken Part In The Honoring

DETROIT LAKES, MINN. — A crowd of people grouped in the frigid cold at the Veterans Memorial Park in Detroit Lakes to honor all branches of the military in remembrance for all those who serve our country.

This event is just one of the hundreds across the county as people hang a wreath for each branch.

“This is a small venture here. We are just honoring those that serve our nation through all the different wars,” Retired Army Colonel Tom Mortenson said.

It’s also a way for people to remember the rights and liberties that have been protected by our service members.

“Just a reminder to people to be aware of the freedoms that we enjoy because not every country in the world can do this,” Vietnam Veteran Jim Jirava said.

Jim Jirava, who was drafted to Vietnam in 1968, says when his draft number was called, he knew it was his time to serve his country.

“I figured it was my obligation to do it, and so I did it.”

This stop is just one of multiple being made in Detroit Lakes to spread the appreciation for our veterans across the city.

“We are going to continue to do this as you know we are going to a number of locations to honor all the generations that have fought in our wars are freedoms that gives us the right for our freedoms of religion, press and the right the vote,” Mortenson said.

Jirava, who served in Vietnam for over a year, says while they are making the rounds across town, he appreciates everyone who comes out to respect and support all those who serve.

“People come up and thank you for your service, it means a lot and, I’m grateful for it I’m proud to say that I did do that you know so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we have today,” Jirava said.

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