Globetrotters’ DeAndre “Dragon” Taylor stops by Fargo’s Lincoln Elementary

He talked to students about kindness and respect as part of a new initiative.

FARGO, N.D.- The event is part of a campaign by the group called “T.E.A.M UP AT SCHOOL.”

T.E.A.M stands for talk, empathize, ask and mobilize.

The school says this event fits perfectly with the initiative they are implementing.

“They do a morning meeting every single day. Where they are teaching social skills, they’re building relationships, they are learning about each other. Our counselor goes into our classrooms on a regular basis to be meeting with kids and teaching those social skills, she also has other groups. It’s part of the culture that we have at Lincoln. That we act it, we live it, we teach we speak it, we want our to feel safe and feel that this is home. This is their learning home,” says Megan Kiser, the Principal at Lincoln Elementary School.

“Big thing in our Lincoln Elementary P.E group is I can be kind and courteous to myself and to others. Whether we’re playing, whether we’re teaching others the skills. That way is big for us and the kids to be respectful,” says Ross Olson, the P.E teacher at Lincoln Elementary.

Since the initiative started at the school, they have seen a big change in how the kids interact with one another.

“We’ve seen a change at Lincoln with our students. They are definitely showing more empathy, they are more friendly to each other.We see less bullying,” she says.

The campaign is not only impacting Lincoln Elementary or even Fargo, but the whole world.

“The end goal is just to see, it’s not just here in Lincoln. It’s actually all around. You know, it’s around the whole globe. The Globetrotters you know, they’re bringing to not just here in Fargo, not just here in the United States. I mean, it goes all the way to China, England and all that,” he says.

The Harlem Globetrotters will be back in Fargo to perform at the Scheels Arena on January 3rd.

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