City of Fargo Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Parking Garage

The parking garage will be on the corner of Fourth Avenue North and Broadway.

FARGO, N.D. – The City of Fargo celebrated the groundbreaking of a new mixed-use parking garage in downtown.

The project, known as The Mercantile, will replace a surface parking lot on the corner of Fourth Avenue North and Broadway.

It will include 369 parking spaces encompassed by mixed-use and residential developments.

Plans for the mixed-use space include a Fargo police substation, public restrooms, apartments and ground floor commercial space.

“It’s been a great example of collaboration. We’ve come together with a lot of complexities around the easements that are required, the shared vision that’s put in place and we’re really proud about the collaboration that’s come together to make this project happen” Kilbourne Group President Mike Allmendinger said.

The Mercantile is a partnership between the City of Fargo, Kilbourne Group and the owners of the Great Northern Depot.

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