Mom Receives Life-Changing Gift, Calls It A “Christmas Miracle”

Her son is battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Dexter is a seven-year-old boy who loves to play video games, Legos and ride his bike.

In May, Dexter was experiencing serious headaches and nausea. After a few trips to the hospital, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Medulloblastoma.

“Since then, we have moved to Fargo, so he can receive medical treatment. We’ve been through a long journey, but he’s doing well now. He’s responding well to treatment,” says Hanah DeGroat, Dexter’s mom.

Hanah was nominated by members of faculty and staff at Dexter’s school. The non-profit organization ‘Best Christmas Ever” contacted Hanah. They let her know that she would be receiving a van.

“More than I could’ve asked for. Definitely a great Christmas present. It’s been difficult to get him in and out of a vehicle. Get him around town. He is in a wheelchair unfortunately. So to have the ease of a van will be great,” she says.

Prior to the van, Hanah borrowed a car from a friend to get around.

“It was a smaller car. Which was very nice of her, but it was difficult to get him in and out of the vehicle. So, to know that I’ll have something larger and easier to move him around in, it’s great,” she adds.

“Best Christmas Ever” wanted to help the family. They partnered with another non-profit “Fix it forward Ministry.” They¬† repair donated vehicles and gives them to families in need.

“Transportation is huge. Without transportation you can’t get to work, you can’t get to interviews, you can’t get to hospital visits, and it’s a big problem in our community. So, if we can solve that transportation issue for people, then they can have that opportunity to move up,” says Matt Carlson, the President at Fix it Forward Ministry.

Hanah says the support they have received from the community makes her feel really grateful and inspired to pay it forward.

“I definitely need to pay it back in some way. So, in the future, I’m not sure how, but the amount of help that I’ve received just makes me feel like I definitely want to give back. It’s been overwhelming and I need to pay it back somehow,” Hanah says.

Dexter is expected to finish chemo in a month. But, the family will continue to do scans to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back.

Here is the link to donate.

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