Good Samaritan Rescues Fargo Police Officer During Blizzard

With a storm as bad as this last weekend's, it's common to see people get stuck. In those situations, first responders usually help out. But who do they turn to when they get stuck?

FARGO, N.D. – Paul Sip came down to Fargo for the weekend for a volleyball tournament, but Mother Nature had something else in mind.

Instead, Paul and his brothers decided that they had only one job in town: Rescue as many stranded or stuck people as they could.

“We’ll always stop if there’s somebody on the side of the road or if somebody is stuck we’ll always stop and help them out,” said Paul.

The family rescued 22 people on Sunday, including a Fargo Police Officer.

That police officer was Logan Kahl. He was assisting a dispatcher who was stuck at home due to the terrible weather conditions.

His truck, as well as a plow trying to clear the road ahead of him got stuck in the snow.

“It was wonderful, especially with a day like that. I was explaining to him as he was backing up to me that I don’t want to get him stuck, because that put him in a bad situation just to help me out, but he insisted on helping me out. It was just really awesome to see that, that he was willing to risk him getting stuck and everything like that” said Officer Kahl.

The only reason Paul was able to rescue the officer was because of his brother’s lifted truck. It didn’t make the job any easier though.

“It was still blowing pretty good and still snowing, we’re used to it though so it wasn’t really anything new for us” Paul said “Some of those streets, even we got stuck.”

Paul and his family weren’t the only Good Samaritan’s out on the street that day.

“One guy jumped in with us on one and helped us pull another one out because he was going to do the same thing. So yeah, there’s definitely still good people.” said Paul.

“It’s something we don’t see everyday, because we don’t get events like this often, but when it comes down to it, it shows that this is a really tight knit community and we’re appreciative of that.” said Officer Kahl.

Generosity runs in the Sip family. Even his parents were in town to help pull people out.

“All it really has to do with is just having a good heart and helping out people. It’s just nice to see the people’s reaction that they’re grateful. They are just really glad that you helped them out, and it’s just a fun thing to do to help people out.” said Paul.

And if Paul had one thing he could say to drivers during future blizzards:

“Just use your head. Some of the things were pretty bad of how they get stuck, but a lot of situations were just that you can’t see much when it was snowing the way it was.” Paul said “You’re depth perception is just gone and you can’t tell how deep the snow is going to get.”

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