North Dakota Dioceses Release List of Priests with Substantiated Claims

The lists consist of 53 clergy members.

BISMARCK, N.D.–The Diocese of Bismarck and the Diocese of Fargo released lists of priests who have substantiated claims against them today.

A substantiated claim is an allegation that a priest, deacon, monsignor or bishop sexually abused a minor during his appointment within the Diocese.

Bishop David Kagen said he chose to publicly identify the priests “In the interest of transparency and accountability.”

The Diocese says they are committed to reaching out to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

No diocesan clergy member with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse is currently in the ministry. The Diocese of Bismarck says there have allegedly been no substantiated claims of sexual abuse of a minor after 1989.

Attorneys with Bradshaw & Bryant and O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss commend the release of the list but says the information is incomplete including current addresses. They are also calling on the North Dakota Legislature to open up the statute of limitations so offenders can no longer be shielded from civil remedies.

You can find the list of priests with substantiated claims within the Diocese of Bismarck here and the Diocese of Fargo here. Information about why these priests made it on the list can be foundĀ here.


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