HOPE INC., Hosts Annual Adaptive Track Meet

The organization offers all year-round activities for families to create fun and happy memories.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — When a Moorhead family found there was no recreational opportunities in the area for their son, they decided to create an organization of their own.

“My wife and I wanted to start the organization when my son was 5 years old and he’s in a wheelchair and there weren’t a lot of opportunities for him, so we wanted to make sure there were things for him to do and other folks with mobility challenges,”Recreational Director Of Hope INC Bill Grommesh said.

The organization offers all year-round activities for families to create fun and happy memories.

“We offer recreational sporting activities to them. You know we do things, sled hockey, we’re huge into sled hockey. We have four teams in town. Adaptive downhill skiing. We collaborate with Detroit Mountain for that. Wheelchair Basketball, Track and Field, plays, fashion shows,” Grommesh said.

Today, they held their annual adaptive track meet, where kids and adults have the opportunity to race.

“Today, we’ll have 5 events. We’ll have the manual, the assist, the power chair, the walker division and the manual division,” Grommesh said.

They want kids and adults to know that they deserve to have the same opportunities that everyone else has.

“A lot of times, kids get left behind. Again, it’s not intentional by other kids but you know, they go out to recess in the snow, they’re left behind. They’re not necessarily invited to Christmas parties. IN gym class, they’re sitting back and they’re sitting out. They’re included in everything we do, it’s very much a support system too,” Grommesh said.

The Robbins family has been part of Hope Inc. for two years.

“It gives our son a chance to participate in sports and other activities that normally he wouldn’t be able to participate in,” Melissa Robbins said.

Their favorite part is being able to see their son interact with people who understand him.

“He’s formed some good friendships with some of the kids that he has met here,” Robbins said.

What’s Josiah’s favorite part?

“Winning,” Josiah’s said.

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