United Way of Cass-Clay Is Moving Locations

The organization has been in this same location since 1998.

CASS & CLAY COUNTIES- The organization want’s to be able to help more people in the community by allowing for more resources and volunteers.

They say this project will have no impact on the current grants they are making to any of their current non-profit partners.

United Way will not be using any of the dollars that were raised through the annual campaign for this project.

They raised the funds needed from private donors.

“The largest group of people that we can have here is around 30. And, so we would like to see in the new space to be able to have over 150 people coming together for trainings, and also for meetings that will get the community connected to the needs of the community and be able to solve those complex issues,” says Kristi Huber, the President of United Way of Cass-Clay.

On March 24, United Way will be unveiling their new space at the Live United Awards & annual meeting event.

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