Snow Piled Up Is Causing Visibility Issues For Drivers

A company is working round the clock to clear paths for homeowners.

FARGO, N.D. – Because of the amount of snow we’ve received during the last couple of weeks, snow banks of up to four feet have piled up on many areas of the region.

“Today, we’re hauling snow on a residential. Big snow piles on the end of the driveways, make it hard for people to see when they’re backing up. So we’re hauling that away from them,” says Steve Koep, Owner of Snow Fargo.

Koep from Fargo Snow and his crew are going to about 10 houses per day to remove the large mounds of snow that have formed.

“If you can’t see and you’re backing into the street, that’s a bad deal. So, I mean, it’s visibility when you have a five foot snow piled on the side of your driveway and if you can’t see backing out, that’s a big, that’s not safe,” he says.

Koep says the biggest issue they face is the wind.

“It’s a lot of drifting. Just for reference, we can clear a sidewalk and say there’s two feet of snow on most sides of the sidewalk and then you get a day when it’s windy, even if there’s no new snow, it’ll just feel it right back in. So, there’s a lot of times when we only get an inch or two of snow, but we’re moving two feet of snow, because of the wind,” he adds.

Hazel VonBank is used to using her snowblower to remove the snow, but when it got too deep, she had to hire someone to help.

“Older people like us that can’t shovel snow or do that. And they need that sort of service,” Vonbank says.

“Very much so, very much so, to have someone that you can depend on, yes,” she adds.

During the last winter storm, the company cleared over 600 driveways that weekend alone.

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