People Across Valley Digging Their Way Out After Winter Storm

One Fargo woman says this weekend storm had an impact on her business

  FARGO, N.D. — Sounds of snowblowers starting up and the sights of people pulling out their shovels for another weekend of cleaning out the driveway begins. For Meaghan Anderson, this isn’t her first rodeo in the valley during the winter. “This is my 2nd year in this house so I have lived in North Dakota since I was born…

Locals Stock Up On Winter Items As Conditions Are Expected to Deteriorate

We spoke to locals to see what items they like to have on their homes.

FARGO, N.D.- As classes have been cancelled for most high school students in the area, many are taking advantage and having a day in. “Breakfast food, milk, pizza, drinks, and then like snacks, cause we’re just going to watch movies and not do very much,” says Morgan, a high school student. These students are happy to stay at home for…

Snow Piled Up Is Causing Visibility Issues For Drivers

A company is working round the clock to clear paths for homeowners.

FARGO, N.D. – Because of the amount of snow we’ve received during the last couple of weeks, snow banks of up to four feet have piled up on many areas of the region. “Today, we’re hauling snow on a residential. Big snow piles on the end of the driveways, make it hard for people to see when they’re backing up….

Fire Departments Remind Residents to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants

The fire department says you should shovel out a 3–foot perimeter around your hydrant

FARGO, N.D. — Fire departments want to remind you to shovel out the snow around your nearest fire hydrant. If your fire hydrants are buried under snow, firefighters say there could be a serious delay in getting a fire put out. The Fargo Fire Department shared a video from Oshkosh, Wisconsin that shows how much time and effort it takes…

Shoveling Snow: Know Your Risks

When you are shoveling, go slow, dress in layers and over your mouth, head and neck from the cold weather

NATIONAL — When it comes to shoveling snow, it’s important to remember there is a right way and a potentially harmful way. Doctors say shoveling snow causes significant strain on the body and if you have not been physically active throughout the year, it can put you at risk for many conditions. The activity can cause an increase in blood…

Moorhead Man Arrested for Attacking Two Teens with a Shovel

One of the teens was rushed to the hospital with significant injuries

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A Moorhead man was jailed after allegedly attacking two teenagers with a shovel and a brick before fleeing the scene. Officers stopped and arrested 43-year-old Jerome Walker of Moorhead after he was caught speeding on 20th Street South near Romkey Park. They say it was after 1 o’clock this morning when Johnson attacked two male teens, 16…