People Across Valley Digging Their Way Out After Winter Storm

One Fargo woman says this weekend storm had an impact on her business


FARGO, N.D. — Sounds of snowblowers starting up and the sights of people pulling out their shovels for another weekend of cleaning out the driveway begins.

For Meaghan Anderson, this isn’t her first rodeo in the valley during the winter.

“This is my 2nd year in this house so I have lived in North Dakota since I was born and im 24 so 24 years.”

But this winter, Anderson says, has been very different than any of the other ones she’s lived through.

“Nope this is definitely one of the worst years, last year was pretty bad but years prior have been pretty mild for us.”

Anderson, who now runs a daycare for kids, says this weekend storm had an impact on her business.

“Yesterday we had to close halfway through the day because Fargo Public Schools, but when the whole city closes down it’s kind of a tough call. You just never know what you should do, or if you should risk it because those kids have to come first.”

She says you can never know what to expect from a North Dakota winter.

“You just never really know. It could be 24 degrees sunny melting one day and negative 50 the next with lots of snow.”

Anderson grew up in her household with her brothers and sisters working to clear out the snow drifts at the house, but as an adult she says things are different.

“It sucks more now because now you can’t go inside and get that hot cocoa and pretend like you did it all and just have your parents do the rest.”

Anderson also says that when the piles of snow build up on your property, you have to methodically get your way out.

“Take it in shifts if you get to cold you gotta go inside cause if you freeze that the end of it you will get sore you will break down eventually.”

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