Locals Stock Up On Winter Items As Conditions Are Expected to Deteriorate

We spoke to locals to see what items they like to have on their homes.

FARGO, N.D.- As classes have been cancelled for most high school students in the area, many are taking advantage and having a day in.

“Breakfast food, milk, pizza, drinks, and then like snacks, cause we’re just going to watch movies and not do very much,” says Morgan, a high school student.

These students are happy to stay at home for the day, but say they would’ve liked to have taken a test they had studied for.

“We had one final that got cancelled, so that kind of sucked because we had to study last night and then it got cancelled, so we we wish we could’ve gone still,” says Addison, a high school student.

Hardware stores haven’t seen a lot of activity throughout the day, but added that those who come, buy snow removal equipment.

“A normal day, but definitely have seen people come in for ice melts and shovels, looking for snow blowers and what not,” says Gary Ostrom, the owner of Ostrom’s ACE.

The store says everyone should have a survival kit in their car at all times.

“Definitely keep some gloves. Maybe some candles, keep a shovel, maybe some sand. Just be prepared. Blankets,” he says.

Kenneth came in to the store to buy a snowblower for his daughter.

He says roads are very slippery and cars are driving all over the place.

“I find it amazing how fast people forget. Because we’ve had this now a few times this year, and people just forget to slow down. My daughter witnessed an accident on the interstate because a guy insisted he had to get up to speed. He lost control of his vehicle and slid in front of a semi,” says  Kenneth Cummings, a customer.

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