Increased Water Outflow from Dam may Cause Unsafe Ice Conditions

The increased water outflow is due to recent snow surveys.

VALLEY CITY, N.D.–The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin adjusting the amount of water released from its Baldhill Dam near Valley City possibly creating unsafe ice conditions nearby.

Water management officials will begin releasing 400 cubic feet per second of water on Monday, January 13 to increase the flood storage capacity within Lake Ashtabula.

The increased water outflow is due to recent snow surveys that indicate around two inches of water within the snowpack.

The U.S. Army Corps says the ice on or near Lake Ashtabula or downstream of Baldhill Dam on the Sheyenne River may become unsafe due to the increased outflows.

Corps staff say they will continue to monitor the conditions within the basin and further water level changes may be made.

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