Class Of Students And Staff Raise Cash With Donkeyball Game

The Event Helped Teach Kids About How To Manage An Event

HUNTER, N.D. — With the sound of the buzzer, and a jump ball.

Begins the wackiest game of charity basketball in the valley.

We asked other learners at our school to come do it and parents coming as well we have our educators playing as well some have fun costumes they can put on to play, Northern Cass School Student, Jack Metzger said.

And this whole event was put on by a classroom of kids and a teacher to help teach them learn about how to manage an event, and raise money for school programs like DECA.

“All we know is that we need to hold on and see what happens,”Level 1 First Grade Teacher Carla Wolsky said.

Under the bright lights of the spotlight in center court competition heats up.

“That’s pretty usual you know sometimes you will get a game they may score like 20 points in 2 half’s but most of the time is pretty low,” Dairyland Donkeyball Referee Daniel Stutcman said.

And when the pressure of the game hits it’s critical moments stars are born.

“My donkey wouldn’t move so I got in the lane and he stayed there and scored 4 points in the end,” Parent Jay Metzger said.

“I don’t know if I had any scouts in the audience evenings,” Metzger continued.

As the last second of the buzzer sounds, it’s all just an educational experience for the group of entrepreneurs.

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