Class Of Students And Staff Raise Cash With Donkeyball Game

The Event Helped Teach Kids About How To Manage An Event

HUNTER, N.D. — With the sound of the buzzer, and a jump ball. Begins the wackiest game of charity basketball in the valley. We asked other learners at our school to come do it and parents coming as well we have our educators playing as well some have fun costumes they can put on to play, Northern Cass School Student,…

Red River Zoo Calling all Pokemon Go Trainers for Game’s New Updates

They have two gymnasiums and seven different Pokestops for people to rack up points

FARGO, N.D. — For all you Pokemon Go players out there, Red River Zoo is luring in all trainers with the games latest updates! Exciting changes to the game are attracting fans to once again ‘catch–em–all’. The zoo hosted a Pokemon Go Social where lures were set up at various Pokestops between 1 and 4:30 pm and people won prices…