Puerto Rican Recounts Earthquake Ordeal

Christian Rodriguez has lived in Fargo for four years.

PUERTO RICO – “It started shaking and she opened the door and she walked to my bed like it’s shaking, it’s shaking, and I just sit there and told her to sit next to me. And I remember it was so long, that I told her, mom, this is taking a while. It’s not ending,” says Rodriguez.

This was the first time Christian Rodriguez was able to go back to Puerto Rico and celebrate the holidays with his family.

“It’s not the same. It’s harder because even small earthquakes are happening. A big one can happen and it’s not like oh it’s going to happen in an hour or we’re expecting it. It can happen at anytime. And it’s hard, I mean my whole family is there,” he says.

Even after the strongest earthquake passed, shakes can still be felt almost every hour leaving Puerto Ricans on constant edge.

“I got a friend that she lives in Penuelas, her whole family is living in the car, they sleep with shoes on, clothes on, so if something happens they can run or just get in the car and go someplace else, someplace more safe,” Rodriguez says.

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans decided they were not going to wait for the government to do something for the families affected.

“It’s hard, especially when were not having a lot of help from the government, so everything that’s going to the south right now. Water, supplies, everything’s coming from the people of Puerto Rico,” he adds.

His friends on the island are making sure to distribute items as well as do a little extra for the families.

“I got a few friends that are barbers, and say we’re going to go there and do free haircuts for everybody so you know help them feel better you know more calm. I got friends making food, and just driving down there and everybody that drives there will get free food and a free cup of water and you can eat and drink, you know some warm food. There’s a lot of places down south that don’t have electricity right now so, we’re trying to help them the most we can,” Rodriguez says.

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