MSUM celebrates “Appreciate a Dragon Day”

It's the 3rd year the university has celebrated the holiday

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Appreciate a Dragon Day is a national holiday celebrating dragons in popular literature and films, but MSUM is putting its own spin on the day.

MSUM President Anne Blackhurst took the holiday as an opportunity to show thanks and appreciation for staff and students.

She handed out red and white donuts provided by Sandy’s to every department on campus.

“I did make an effort to deliver donuts to every single office on campus. It was negative 22 degrees outside this morning when I started, but when you show up with a box of donuts, you get a lot of warmth in return, so it’s been awesome,” says Blackhurst.

She says the school will make more of an effort to involve students on this day in the coming years.

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