Settlement Reached in St. Louis County Snow Plow Drivers Strike

The announcement was made early Monday morning.

DULUTH, Minn. – According to Teamsters Local 320 Recording Secretary Erik Skoog, an agreement has been reached between public works employees and St. Louis County.

The announcement was made early Monday morning on Skoog’s Facebook page.

In a post, Skoog says, “After 15 hours of mediation, we reached an agreement that both parties can be proud of! Congrats Teamsters and see you at 4:00 at the ratification meeting!”

The agreement comes as St. Louis County and Teamsters met on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at the St. Louis County Courthouse for mediation.

The Teamsters had previously gone on strike officially as of Wednesday, January 15 after rejecting the County’s last best final offer.

The strike included 102 snowplow operators.

During the snowstorm that began Friday evening, St. Louis County was only able to mobilize 35 plows as opposed to the normal 108 they normally send out to cover the roads.

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