The Difference A Mentor Can Make In A Kid’s Life

Big Brother Shares His Nearly 8-Year Journey With His Little


National Mentoring Month gives you a chance to make a real difference in a child’s life.

Josh Andres has been Welsere’s Big Brother for nearly eight years through Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Josh says he’s seen his Little Brother go from a little kid who wasn’t succeeding in school to a high school student proud of passing all his classes.
Josh says he does things with Welsere as simple as going to the library or playing a board game together.
He says the important thing is that he is there for him.

He adds, “Really, just showing up there and being consistent with that kid. You don’t have to have any magical skills or know what to say even. Sometimes just sitting there across the table from them or side by side with them can really show them that you care about them.”

You can be a mentor in just four hours a month. Big Brothers/Big Sisters has more than 90 kids waiting for their mentor.

Andres says he signed up just to boost his resume during college, but kept at it when he developed an emotional bond with Welsere. It doesn’t matter why you sign up. You’re still helping a child in our community. And you get just as much as you give into the relationship.

Click here for more information on becoming a Big this National Mentoring Month.

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