Community Mourns As Grand Forks Boy Is Laid To Rest

A Dessert Cabaret Fundraiser will be held Saturday night at 7 at Hope Lutheran Church with proceeds going to Borth's family to help with funeral costs.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The sounds of music fills the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Grand Forks, as 15 year old Jonah Borth is laid to rest.

Those who came to knew Jonah say he had a big heart.

“Pastor Daniel Voth”

“Even if he had stood 7 feet tall his chest cavity would have been nothing but heart…. Love and compassion flowed through from Jonah to everyone he met,” Pastor Daniel Voth said.

Pastor Voth says Jonah was known for his love of reading, singing, Frisbee golf, puns and the love he had for his family & friends.

“I couldn’t keep track of all of his friends, he talked about so many of you, I think I know more about Ed his uncle then if Ed and I were to talk the whole rest of the next week I don’t think I would know as much about as from Jonah,” Voth said.

In the wake of the teen’s death, the pain that extends across the community is immeasurable.

“Perry, Lauri and Michael we would never put Jonah willingly into a situation that he wasn’t safe in. I heard it from your lips that you would rather be in the casket than him,” Voth said.

Jonah who was known for his devout faith in his church and his community is now on the passage to another light.

“Jonah simply fell asleep in his earthly father’s eyes, he woke up in his heavenly fathers arms seeing the face of Jesus, no pain, no tears, no more sin, only love,” Voth said.

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