Community Leaders Talk About Housing Bonds For Working Class People

The Goal Is To Help Combat Homelessness In Minnesota

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Community members, local politicians and social workers packed into the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.

The point of the meeting is to address the local and statewide issue of homelessness.

“Every Minnesotan deserves to have a safe, dignified place to call home and the resources that they need to be stable in their housing,” Executive Director Of Churches United Sue Koesterman said.

It’s also to discuss the Homes For All Plan.

Under the plan, over half a billion dollars in housing bonds are for working class families and to help assist public housing.

The group says the plan is needed as homelessness continues to rise in the state and affordable public housing becomes more scarce.

“A lot of Minnesotans are struggling with housing instability and or homeless, and we need to be able to have those resources, we need to make sure we have enough housing for everybody who needs it,” Koesterman said.

Advocates of the plan say the bonding bill would also provide thousands of new jobs for the housing projects and suppliers.

They also say the state needs to look at better funding for their thousands of social workers.

“We always need funding to be able to pay our staff so that they can serve people well, when they are experiencing homelessness and there is also more money needed to support additional case management funds services so people can be stably housed. Folks with those kinds of barriers need extra support,” Koesterman said.

Kesterman says combating homeless benefits everyone in the community.

“Our communities are better, our state is better when everyone has a safe place to call home. So what benefits those who are struggling with housing instability impacts the whole community and the whole community is better,” Koesterman said.

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