Grand Forks Is Looking For Funds To Build A Memorial In Honor Of Fallen Officers

They launched a campaign in hopes of meeting the goal of $250,000

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -“My entire career, I’ve been thinking, we should have something in the Northern Valley to represent officers that have died in the line of duty to protect their communities,” says Bob Rost the Grand Forks County Commissioner.

Four years ago Bob Rost started to think more and more about the idea of building a memorial, and decided to ask for the community’s input.

“I started organizing a committee, getting people together, see what kind of response I got from the community and there was a good response,” he says.

With the support from the community, the committee met with the Park Board to discuss building the memorial at Optimist Park.

ICON Architectural group is taking on the task of designing the memorial.

“The design will involve some stamped concrete and some granite monument and a bronze statue. And then we’re going to try to have some discreet lighting that will properly showcase the flag and the statue and the monuments, but then not disrupt the community members that live nearby,” says Kyle Kvamme, Business Development, ICON Architectural Group.

They say they’re excited to be part of a project that will impact the community.

“These are projects that our office wants to do, because these are ones that you know change the community and everyone wants to play a part on that and it’s such a great, gratifying feeling when you see these things come done,” he says.

Rost says having a memorial that honors the fallen officers in the Northern Valley is long overdue.

“We have those ceremonies once a year on the front line of the courthouse, and it’s state of the art ceremony too, but we don’t have anything that people can look at 365 days a year,” Rost says.

The next step for the committee is to raise the $250,000 needed to build the memorial, which they hope to raise with the help from large corporations or community members.

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