LIVE: Detroit Lakes Ice Palace A Royal Monument To Winter

Ice Palace Will Reign Over Polar Fest Through February 17th


The DL Ice Palace rises nearly 30 feet into the cold, February air in Detroit Lakes.

Sculptor Hans Gilsdorf designed the castle, but it takes and entire team all year long to plan out the display.

They come up with the design, figure out how to light it, harvest the ice when winter hits, then stack the 500-pound blocks to form the castle.

In the video above, hear from volunteer Scott Walz. He tells us how many people it took to successfully stack the massive blocks and create the palace.

The Ice Palace will be lit every night through February 17th.

It is the crown jewel of the 2020 Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes that runs through the 16th.

There will be events every single day through the fest, including the Fandazzi Fire Circus Saturday, February 8th and fireworks on the 15th.

Click here to check out the full list of Polar Fest activities.

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