UND Gives Kids The Chance To Try Out Aerospace Technology

The department will be hosting an Air Race Classic on June 23rd.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The University Of North Dakota Aerospace Community Day is getting kids in the pilot seat and into dozens of careers using VR technology, real life space suits for NASA, and flight simulators.

I even tried my hand at becoming a pilot in one of the simulations.

While my chances of becoming a pilot are slim, staff are getting kids suited up and started in the field.

“So they actually get a chance to sit with an instructor to give them a quick rundown on how to fly an aircraft, they do a take off, they do a landing and then they are a pilot for UND sort of,” Assistant Chief and Course Manager Of UND Aerospace Matt Opsahl said laughingly.

UND, Opsahl says has trained over 10 thousand pilots in the field, he says the demand is there for pilots.

“As you probably have heard there is quite a shortage of pilots right now, starting them young and getting them with the love of aviation, young can really help not only UND the aerospace industry,” Opsahl said.

The day is not only for just the pilots, as Monica Norvy got to watch her two kids take a step behind the green screen and try their hand at being meteorologists.

They get to watch the weather on TV so, watching them try and figure out how they do the weather is pretty funny because it’s a lot harder than it looks,” Norvy said laughingly.

Norvy, who took her kids last year to the community day, says there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

“Bring them out it’s a great exposure for the kids and it has tremendous support from the university to put this together we really appreciate all the effort from the people on campus to put this all together,” Norvy said.

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