Hector International Airport Flight Delays and Cancellations

FARGO, N.D.–Hector International Airport has an updated list of all flights that have been cancelled and delayed today.


Flight 33–Allegiant–Departing from Las Vegas–DELAYED

Flight 3378–American Airlines–Departing from Dallas–CANCELLED

Flight 3683–United–Departing from Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 3707–Delta–Departing from Minneapolis–DELAYED

Flight 3962–Delta–Departing from Minneapolis–DELAYED

Flight 4054–American Airlines–Departing from Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 4126–American Airlines–Departing from Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 5232–United–Departing from Denver–CANCELLED

Flight 5534–United–Departing from Denver–CANCELLED

Flight 5662–United–Departing from Chicago–CANCELLED

You can view a list of all flights arriving to Hector International Airport on Wednesday here.



Flight 543–Allegiant–Departing for Phoenix–DELAYED

Flight 3347–American Airlines–Departing for Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 3607–United–Departing for Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 3615–American Airlines–Departing for Dallas–CANCELLED

Flight 3962–Delta–Departing for Minneapolis–DELAYED

Flight 4054–American Airlines–Departing for Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 4076–Delta–Departing for Minneapolis–DELAYED

Flight 5314–United–Departing for Denver–CANCELLED

Flight 5418–United–Departing from Chicago–CANCELLED

Flight 5511–United–Departing for Denver–CANCELLED

You can view a list of all flights departing from Hector International Airport on Wednesday here.

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