Organizations In Minnesota Want Teens To Know The Dangers Of Vaping

Clearway Minnesota and Clay County Health discussed how to reach the youth.

MINNESOTA – As teens find savvier ways to vape without getting caught, Clearway Minnesota is on a mission to cut at the root of the vaping epidemic.

The organization lobbies at the State Capitol to pass stricter tobacco laws.

“We have four main policy goals: One is tobacco 21, the second is restricting or prohibiting all flavored tobacco products, the third is to make sure we have sustainable funding for prevention and quit smoking services and the fourth is looking at price and tax as a very powerful tool to prevent youth smoking and help adults quit,” says Laura Smith, a spokesperson for Clearway Minnesota.

Clearway Minnesota also works alongside local health organizations, like Clay County, to discuss how passing certain laws would make it harder for teens to have access to e-cigarettes.

“We work with local public policy and try to enhance local ordinances to prevent youth from starting using tobacco and then to also help encourage cessation for those who have already started. The other half, and they go hand in hand, is education. So, I will go out to the schools and provide education to teachers and to staff,” says Jason McCoy, who works for Clay County Public Health.

One way Clay County tries to have an impact on teens is by telling real life stories.

“I’ve talked to youth to the point where they were sick, where they’ve been hospitalized and they’ve had to have their lungs drained of fluid. This is not something that’s safe, this is not something that any youth should be using,” McCoy explained.

Health experts say it’s really easy for teens to vape all day long, which can be dangerous because if compared to consuming cigarettes, it would equal to smoking three to six packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine a day.

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