Local Family Knocking Down Stereotypes Through Bowling

The family hosted their 2nd annual charity as they raised money for people with disabilities

MOORHEAD, Minn.- There’s nothing like family love.

And this family wanted to honor a special member of theirs who has influenced many in the community.

That’s why they created the “The Jeromy Brown Family Fund.”

“The fund was started basically after a group of cousins basically talking about how we appreciate our cousin and wanna celebrate his abilities rather than focusing on the disabilities that he has. Our whole fund is basically based on that aspect. We like to focus on what anyone, with any type of ability they have, rather than the disabilities and that’s why we have an inclusive tournament bowling tournament where we allow anyone with disabilities , abilities,” says Kennedy Breshanan, the President of DMF Jeromy Brown Family Fund.

They decided to go with Bowling, because it’s Jeromy’s favorite activity and anyone no matter their disability will be able to participate.

“Jeromy loves bowling, a lot of different types of people, with a lot of different types of disabilities can bowl, it’s February and it’s also Jeromy’s birthday month and during his birthday month, bowling is a big activity,” she says.

One Special Olympics member who’s excited to support his friend is Tommy.

“Here to bowl for a fundraiser, and we’re having lots of fun. Good luck everyone,” Tommy says.

He says it’s important to be there for each other.

“It’s important to support other athletes in the community,” he adds.

Family Members of Jeromy hope this event teaches people that at the end of the day we are all the same.

‘We see all these different names and we’re their from and places they work and where they graduated from and it’s cool to see how one person, disability or no disability, how many people you impact and how many people have given back because they know him,” Kennedy says.

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