Code Ninjas teaches local kids basic video game building skills

A STEM camp is giving them the tools they need to become coding pros

FARGO, N.D. — Not every 10-year-old out there can say they’ve built an interactive video game from scratch.

“It feels good because not a lot of people have made games and I’m one of those, I guess, few that have made a game,” says 10-year-old Carson Huseby of Fargo.

For him, coding isn’t just a hobby.

Carson says it’s all about the enjoyment others get from playing a game he built.

“I like to create games because they’re fun, and then you feel some pride because you made a game and sometimes people play it and they have fun.”

Making coding fun is what Code Ninjas in Fargo is all about.

“Everything is technology these days. Everybody uses it, everybody wants the newest best thing, and so we’re giving them the basic techniques and that they will need to know to use if they ever want to pursue creating some of this new technology that we’ll use in the future and just basically understand it better,” says Code Ninjas Sensei Benjamin Johnson.

Johnson says this camp is where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

“If they want to make a game of unicorns and rainbows, they can make a game of unicorns and rainbows. If they want to make a game of dungeons and dragons, they make a game of dungeons and dragons. If they want to make it about a sports player and a ball or something, they can do that, too. It’s just all up to them, it’s their game, it’s what they made and it’s their own piece of work,” he adds.

Carson’s imagination led him to creating a race track game, but he’s not going to stop there.

“I would sort of like to continue coding just because it’s fun and it makes me feel like accomplished when I make games and stuff, even though sometimes it’s a little frustrating because it doesn’t work,” says Carson.

Frustrations aside, Carson says every kid is capable of building something they’re proud of.

“Just try your best and if you put your mind to anything, you can do it.”

Find enrollment information on how to sign up for Code Ninjas camps through the center’s website by clicking here.

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