Girl Scouts Begin Cookie Selling Season

The Fargo Moorhead Office Already Has Thousands Of Packages Ready To Sell.

FARGO, N.D. — Thousands of packages of cookies stored inside the warehouse are being loaded up into cars to be sold by the Girl Scouts.

“So excited, it’s always a fun time, the girls are so excited to get out there.

So happy that we have a lot nicer weather for opener cookie weekend but just get to really see so they can decide what they want to do with that money,” Girl Scouts Volunteer, Jessie Aamodt said.

That cash goes towards camps, international travel and other learning opportunities for the scouts. Aamodt says selling cookies teaches the girls business skills.

“Goodness sakes, I think that I heard that it’s over 3,000 like for the entire time,” Aamodt said.

Over that five week span, scouts like Keena and Lailah will be out making dough for their group.

“My favorite time selling cookies was probably at the ball last year, I got a lot of sales, I sold like 100 and something boxes so I gotta lot of sales,” Scout Lailah said.

Lailah who has been selling cookies since she was about four-years-old, says it takes a lot of skills to get such high sales numbers.

“You just have to smile and stay positive and even if people say no, you don’t have to be sad about it cause there is always going to be more people,” Lailah said.

Laiah was able to make her first sale in the warehouse when a shopper came in that’s been waiting for a couple days to get his cookies this year.

Bruce Larson has been in the area for the past two decades and he loves to buy the cookies for others.

“If I ate it I probably would be putting on another hundred pounds,” Larson said,

Larson says he’s sold by the great sales people these girls scouts have become.

“Look at that smiling little girl. How can you go wrong?” Larson said.

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